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Laura jade xox

Thursday, April 17, 2014

bikini beach - linda

re - great bottom half

After rereading this one before i posted it i noticed the spelling and grammar, i really need to run spell check thru something that isn't photoshop. Also been playing with the font trying to get something i like, so hopefully the captions are easier to read

Thursday, December 12, 2013

possible end?

hello all,
um thanks for bearing with me i guess. I havent posted anything for ages and this may be my last post or not. not entirely sure. so the issues i was having were primarily with my girlfriend who is now my ex. we working for a bit then we werent and has been on and off since august, up until the other day were she left me for good. i feel strange because of that , in a way reliefed that i can try to now move on and whatnot, but still really shithouse because i do love her. but thats life i guess. as for the captions i still take in lots of images to use, but i 've had no motivation to write any, and this was the same as last time i broke up with my first girlfriend. this time though im not deleting the blog, it will stay up and i may post to it if i find some motivation, but otherwise it will probably lay dormant. i don't know to be honest. i'd just like to thank everyone who has commented on here and the community in general. you guys have all been great and it has been that which has kept me interested in tg captioning. as for the captions i have made, i will release them in a zip file. this includes the captions i have had for the bbw month, and other captions i had made. this may be the end but i honestly don't know. people can still email me or whatever, i will still check it to. also sorry to all the people i said i may have promised captions to, i kind of feel bad for that to, i havent forgotten about that.

heres the link (15.5mb zip file( use winrar etc to view))

so heres to what may be, much love

edit: changed link

Monday, August 26, 2013

quick apology

hello all,
just had a little bit of time to actually get onto my blog. past week has been really hectic and really full of shit ive needed to deal with (personal and with my family). so the wg month end will have to wait until all of these problems and whatnot have been dealt with. so im sorry for that, i will post the rest of them when i get time to. hope your all well.