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Thursday, December 1, 2011

xmas captions, and a rant

good day to you.
well good day where i am so good evening or whatever for where you are. i will be doing xmas captions. going to do 25 regarding each day bla blah blah. same old thing most other people do. but what the hay. gonna do 3 or 4 at once seeing as i dont post every day and have dry spells. also there are a few other blogs that will be closing and thats sad in my opinion. what some of the captioners do is great work and they don't get the acknowledgement that they should. i know i don't say thanks or good work enough and i should. everyone should if they appreciate the effort that goes into some of the captions we create. now im not one of those people who does this for comments or whatever. i do this because i enjoy doing it. i enjoy seeing pictures and putting a story to it.i enjoy even doing requests. i hope if while your browsing other peoples blogs and you see something you enjoy or like that you post a good comment, even if its anonymous.  im not saying this to get comments on my blog or whatever. i'm saying this so we get some more appreciation on the blogs that we read and enjoy.

what are your thoughts on this subject? im always open to suggestions and ideas so go ahead.



  1. I couldn't agree with you more. I just find the comments encouraging and help motivate me to create more and do a better job. I mean what's the point of coming up with a great story that people may read, yet not acknowledge that you did a good job?

  2. I love getting comments. Whilst I don't make my captions for that purpose, if nobody comments I tend to assume that nobody likes the caption and that may or may not be true.

    I think often people may not know what to say about a caption and so perhaps fail to comment. Personally I'm just glad to get any sort of feedback. I try to comment as much as I can, though it can be hard to stay on top of it when there are so many great captions out there to read!

  3. There are a lot of blogs I check out daily for updates. I also write very slowly because I keep rewriting even a simple comment like this many times until I am happy with it. I could write "great cap" but it feels so empty, what was good about it you then ask?

    So I don't comment a lot, and some blogs don't have anonymous comments enabled so then I'd need to go and register on some other site. Which I should, but lazy seems to win most of the time. If I like a cap enough to save it and there is some easy voting I do try to always leave a vote.

    Another reason for not commenting or voting is that the cap wasn't interesting. Perhaps the picture wasn't that catchy so I close it down without reading it properly. But I don't want to vote "bad" on something I didn't give any effort to.

    If your blog keeps getting hits then surely you are doing something right. But if that is not enough for the person blogging then I can see that it takes the fun away, and why would you do something that isn't fun as a hobby?

    At this point I was about to delete this comment and not post anything because I didn't like it. But since this is about not commenting I'll post it anyway and without re-reading it.