if you want a request done (include a story idea/pic if possible), image removed, general chit chat, or any issues. Email me laurajade448@gmail.com

Thursday, December 12, 2013

possible end?

hello all,
um thanks for bearing with me i guess. I havent posted anything for ages and this may be my last post or not. not entirely sure. so the issues i was having were primarily with my girlfriend who is now my ex. we working for a bit then we werent and has been on and off since august, up until the other day were she left me for good. i feel strange because of that , in a way reliefed that i can try to now move on and whatnot, but still really shithouse because i do love her. but thats life i guess. as for the captions i still take in lots of images to use, but i 've had no motivation to write any, and this was the same as last time i broke up with my first girlfriend. this time though im not deleting the blog, it will stay up and i may post to it if i find some motivation, but otherwise it will probably lay dormant. i don't know to be honest. i'd just like to thank everyone who has commented on here and the community in general. you guys have all been great and it has been that which has kept me interested in tg captioning. as for the captions i have made, i will release them in a zip file. this includes the captions i have had for the bbw month, and other captions i had made. this may be the end but i honestly don't know. people can still email me or whatever, i will still check it to. also sorry to all the people i said i may have promised captions to, i kind of feel bad for that to, i havent forgotten about that.

heres the link (15.5mb zip file( use winrar etc to view))

so heres to what may be, much love

edit: changed link

Monday, August 26, 2013

quick apology

hello all,
just had a little bit of time to actually get onto my blog. past week has been really hectic and really full of shit ive needed to deal with (personal and with my family). so the wg month end will have to wait until all of these problems and whatnot have been dealt with. so im sorry for that, i will post the rest of them when i get time to. hope your all well.


Saturday, August 3, 2013

bbw: tubefed

bbw: potion

bbw: candy

bbw month

hello all
apologies for not having set the scheduler early. i was going to do it on the couple of days before but work go in the way (not that im complaining), and the day i didn't work the power was out which was an absolute wank of a day. anyway enough excuses scheduler will be set after this post and you will get  3 caps for today. so i hope you enjoy them.


Thursday, June 27, 2013

august will be weight gain month

Hello to all,
As the title for this post says August will be my weight gain themed month. I hadn't said anything about what month it will be so here it is today for all of you guys and gals that enjoy that theme. I have 19 caps made so far so i just need another 12 or so that i will make during july. I am constantly taking in new images i think will make alright captions and i know some of the stories i have written already i hope will be some of my best ones. Also my dirtiest ones.  So if anyone has caption requests or images they would like used you can email me then and i will try and make them for the month and you. So i hope you all have a good day and rest of the week. Enjoy

Friday, May 24, 2013

a nice cuppa

Hello all,
i hope all is well in your worlds. despite the few speling errors i really like this caption but its also my 200th blog post so its a little achievement that in its self. i really enjoy caption making and i hope you guys enjoy some of my work to :D

much love

gs: druggie

body jumper:dave

req: tammi

Monday, May 6, 2013

still here

hello all,
well im still here, just had a REALLY shit april in which i didn't post anything due to real life issues. just family, and girlfriend issues but all has seemed to sort itself out so hopefully i can start making some more captions. as for the "weight gain" month that is still going ahead, i might not have made many captions for it yet but i've taken in a fair few images that i will caption when i have time. also people can still send me photos etc and ideas regarding the month. i hope all has been well in your own worlds, so peace out and enjoy.


Friday, March 15, 2013

next month idea

Hello ladies and gentlemen(whatever your tg'd into),
My idea for the next month i will do i think will be a weight gain tg theme. So still things like tg obviously but with the weight gain theme to it. So bbw, overweight, chubby captions etc. I'm not entirely sure what month i will do this in as i have to make captions for it and i'm not going to rush some of them like i did with some of the pm month images. some of that content was straining on myself and it did sort of burn me out from captioning. but for some reason i'm back interested in wg themes again. was originally one of my first interests into being a female. was weight gain to being big and soft then it evolved into tg and being female. so if anyone has any images or ideas regarding this email me or just comment on this post. I will still be doing other things until i start said month so any requests i will handle. also if you have requests with images please make sure it is a decent image, that you and the community would like.  some of the images i've been sent i really don't like the images supplied and i wouldn't like the caption i made out of said images, hence why i havent captioned said images. I'm sure that goes for some of the other captioners out there when they get requests but i cant comment on that because i don't talk to the community through other means apart from my blog. so anyway enough about my rambling. any thoughts or ideas coment or email. also my email is address is laurajade448@gmail.com if need be.

much love

little red

bs- nearly arrested

I think the last line when i wrote this was "going away for a very long time". I probably forgot to change the text size in the end before i fixed all the layers.

new assets

Friday, March 1, 2013

pm: gift

Hello suckers,

i had made an extra caption so here is my gift to you :P.

much love laura

Thursday, February 28, 2013

pm: waterslide

hello all.
i hope you enjoyed the pregnancy month i had, everything was pre made and some of the caps were rushed. but hey i had fun and i hope you all enjoyed it very. Might have a little break and then ill staret posting normal things again. Love you tata for now