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Friday, March 15, 2013

next month idea

Hello ladies and gentlemen(whatever your tg'd into),
My idea for the next month i will do i think will be a weight gain tg theme. So still things like tg obviously but with the weight gain theme to it. So bbw, overweight, chubby captions etc. I'm not entirely sure what month i will do this in as i have to make captions for it and i'm not going to rush some of them like i did with some of the pm month images. some of that content was straining on myself and it did sort of burn me out from captioning. but for some reason i'm back interested in wg themes again. was originally one of my first interests into being a female. was weight gain to being big and soft then it evolved into tg and being female. so if anyone has any images or ideas regarding this email me or just comment on this post. I will still be doing other things until i start said month so any requests i will handle. also if you have requests with images please make sure it is a decent image, that you and the community would like.  some of the images i've been sent i really don't like the images supplied and i wouldn't like the caption i made out of said images, hence why i havent captioned said images. I'm sure that goes for some of the other captioners out there when they get requests but i cant comment on that because i don't talk to the community through other means apart from my blog. so anyway enough about my rambling. any thoughts or ideas coment or email. also my email is address is laurajade448@gmail.com if need be.

much love

little red

bs- nearly arrested

I think the last line when i wrote this was "going away for a very long time". I probably forgot to change the text size in the end before i fixed all the layers.

new assets

Friday, March 1, 2013

pm: gift

Hello suckers,

i had made an extra caption so here is my gift to you :P.

much love laura