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Thursday, April 3, 2014



  1. Sort of. Made a couple more captions that i will post soon. trying to get back into it more so hopefully more to come. just trying to get back into the swing of it.


  2. Great to see you back, for however long you decide. It's always great to see your work

  3. Like the others, I'm glad you're back and look forward to more caps and stories from you. My TG fetish is kindred to yours and its a thrill browsing your blog.
    Nice picture choice and I love the idea of sucking a cock and the cum transforming you into a woman.
    For this particular cap and others you've done I encourage 3 things.
    1. Make the font a bit bigger.
    2. Use paragraphs and spacing to make it more legible. A big block of text is hard to read and puts off people from reading.
    3. I love your ideas, but for a caption I'd simplify it and not overburden it with so much. As much as I love pregnancy, werewolves, and immortality you could have cut out the last bit of your cap (save those ideas for other stories). Then you'd flesh out your description for the core of your story. (Roommate becomes big busty slut to his roommates magical cock) along with formatting the text better.
    Still awesome to have you back. Love your stuff!

  4. Thanks for the positive comments guys, good to know that people enjoy my work and helps me get motivated to make more captions. I do agree with you kronostar. I've been working on a better font and size on my newer captions i've been making lately. As for the story telling i do try to develop the story as much as possible and probably to much in some captions. As for the paragraphs i'll try and keep that in mind, i was always bad at it in school and all of my english teachers would agree on that. But i will try.

    much love, laura

  5. who is the girl in this cap?

    1. i think that was just a random image i found imagefap ages ago. as for the girl i have no idea