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Saturday, July 26, 2014

made a gif caption

Hello all,
So after having a quick play with photoshop. I found the motion thing in workspace and that showed all the frames in the gif. and i went from there playing with it. then the last issue i had was i had to save it for web but that wasn't to hard so here is a simple gif caption i made. Yay for me.


Thursday, July 24, 2014


G'day to you all,
I hope all is going well in your own worlds and what not. I'm writing this to see if anyone has any different image sources i could use. I keep trolling tumblr, and imagefap and i would like something different to some of the images i use constantly (big boobs, preg, fat, etc). I'm aware those of mostly my themes but i think the images i use are to similar, so im looking for images with those themes but different to what i would normally use. Maybe i'm just being pedantic or not, who knows. Also has looking for a decent guide on how to do gif captions if anyone is willing to share any knowledge on those to. That would be greatly appreciated.

Much Love,


cursed dress

pregnant shift